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I don't have even the remotest clue what to do anymore and I'm believing someone can help. I investigated and there was a humble excursion to Japan from Justfly. I got it. To be clear I didn't scrutinize reviews on Justfly because it was amassed on Momondo and I trusted in Momondo. I even review thinking potentially I should google them anyway it was an inconceivable expense and during Cherry Blossom season and I might not want to lose it. I mourn that such a ton of now.

I booked an outing to Japan through them in January for late March. Around the beginning of February they contacted me uncovering to me they expected to move me to an earlier outing out of Tokyo that several hours sooner. I had successfully saved spots to go that morning and this made it hard to get to the air terminal on time. I was upset and uncovered to them I need to figure out what to do Just Fly Customer Service Phone Number.

I fix my courses of action to oblige the new flight. I call the helpline and post for hold for close to FOUR HOURS before I navigated. I recognized the new flight, they revealed to me they intended to get my flight attested and update my timetable. Baffling yet fine, I have everything completed for my outing the following month.

I get another acquire February uncovering to me they booked an outing for me worked by some unsatisfactory transporter and need to thump me to a much earlier excursion out of Tokyo enough wasting that entire day now for me. I had as of now rebooked everything once, by and by I'm really upset that I need to rebook everything again a month before I leave. I uncover to them I need to figure it out. Two or three days sometime later I call their organization line and post for a hold for an extra FOUR HOURS. This time the machine says I'm next in line 2 hours into the reserve, and for an extra 2 hours, I sat on hold "next" with no one getting. I gave up after that and hung up since clearly, no one is getting the phone. I track down their assistance email and send them an email as opposed to on February 22nd. It's more than 3 weeks sometime later now I haven't got a response.

Close to the beginning of March, I call the helpline again and pay special mind to hold for THREE HOURS in conclusion someone gets. I recognize the second new flight they offered and they uncover to me they will create the airplane and certify the Justfly Booking Number.

Following seven days I haven't got any update. I call the transporter straightforwardly and they uncover to me they haven't got anything from Justfly. I call Justfly AGAIN and pay special mind to hold AGAIN for another close to THREE HOURS. They uncover to be the individual I tended to before didn't send any email to the airplane. By and by I'm genuinely furious. I have somewhat more than 3 weeks till my flight and they've successfully taken my money for a flight they haven't avowed. They won't give any check or evidence that they are sending the request into the transporter to assert my ticket and I'm essentially screwed with no other options (that isn't a deception). They ensure over and over that someone will call me to insist on the flight. I understood they wouldn't, and one more week passes and still no insistence or call. I call the airplane direct again and they uncover to me they haven't got anything from Justfly. The airplane says I can't attest the ticket myself, Justfly needs to do it. I call Justfly AGAIN and pay special mind to hold AGAIN. The individual says just way another 3-5 days and ensures over and over that someone will call me (no they won't, and no they didn't). I address a main who gets moving reiterating commonly comparative stuff. I go through the sum of the previously mentioned and how someone somewhere in the chain is misleading me. Supernaturally the chief says my ticket is avowed and will be revived in 24-48 hours. Again will not give such an affirmation or verification to it and ensures over and over that someone will call me.

Here I am 48 hours afterward, no updates, no calls, no attested ticket, the transporter says they don't have anything from Justfly, and I'm sitting tight with Justfly for the fifth time.

This isn't extraordinary. It's too far to consider turning back for me to get one more outing at any reasonable cost and my arrangements in Japan are long past their return. I will lose something past my money for the flights yet additionally all of the appointments for my Japan trip. is a phony, anyway at any rate unrefined. I don't have even the remotest clue how to get my cash back and there's no reaction. In case you regard your psychological sufficiency don't acknowledge a ticket from them, paying little mind to how humble they are. You're throwing your money and time into the fire of the Just Fly Customer Service Number.

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Just Fly Customer Service Phone Number

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Just Fly Customer Service Number

Just Fly Customer Service Phone Number

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